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The newest dance craze of today “Dame Tu Cosita”

dame Tu Cosita Challenge Compilation 2018 - Funny Musical.ly Challenges
The newest dance craze of today “Dame Tu Cosita” is making round in social media capturing the attention most of the millennial generation.

When it comes to dancing challenge, Filipinos will not be left behind. We have attached here some sort of video footage containing dancing moves with the music background “Dame Tu Cosita”. This will prove that Filipinos are always ready to accept any of challenges like this one which popularity comes from abroad dance by the alien.

It’s natural for the Filipinos to adapt some sort of fashions in different form and expression. Here you can prove how talented are Filipinos that cannot be left behind when it comes to dancing moves.
he year 2018 starts strong with memes. Not only feed memes trends from waste created at the end of 2017, but in this year are creating wonderful memes that will last for 12 months. If now you play Dame tu cosita , from the deepest tribes and with the help of voice chat, you created this magnificent mem
Click to watch video so that you will know that Filipinos have already accepted this and adapt for fashion and entertainment.
Dame Tu Cosita
gamme Dame Tu Cosita
vedio Dame Tu Cosita
dance Dame Tu Cosita
telecharger musique Dame Tu Cosita

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