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Dance to the lovely rhythms that you will hear within the new Disco Radio

Do you remember how magnificent you feel when you go out to a party or a club and dance the night away? Music is something that helps you relax and that brings joy into your life. You can now enjoy your dearest tunes of the world famous artists just by downloading free ~Disco Radio~ app on your smartphone or tablet. When you hear the online broadcast of this genre of dance music that has elements of soul, pop, salsa and funk you will get the wish to start dancing. The amazing songs will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a dance floor under the shining disco ball and like various and colorful lights are all around you.

Disco music has become extremely popular during the 1970s and 1980s and with the online streaming of many cool stations you will get the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic beats on your tablet. Wonderful lyrics that are accompanied by the tones of electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, drum machine and percussion instruments will make your day in no time. Play any of the top channels and listen to the astonishing songs while driving in your car, finishing household chores or studying. Take advantage of the option to set the timer and set whenever you wish for the cool music to stop playing. All of you fans of this fantastic genre of music will immediately fall in love with the newest ~Disco Radio~ so hurry up to try them out.

We would like to present you with a huge collection of the most amazing radio stations that have online streaming. In order to play these high quality songs you will need to obtain a stable internet connection. Take your pick to find the ones that are playing the melodies of your favorite artists and place all of them into a new list so you will have no problem finding them the next time you open this top application. When you hear the sounds of synthesizers and electric guitar you will imagine yourself swinging at the lighted dance floor while the light is flashing according to the best beat. The latest ~Disco Radio~ is here to bring you the most wonderful sounds that will cheer up any of you.

Key features of the Disco Radio app:
» Online streaming of the best songs
» Timer for any radio station you wish
» Favorite folder for the channels you are listening now
» Live broadcast of the latest news

When you are listening to the top hits of your dearest singers via these online radio stations you will have the opportunity to enjoy the soothing music as well as to become informed about the latest news that are related to politics, business, economy and the world of entertainment. For all of you who are interested in getting to know the weather forecast there are regular updates. Disco fans shouldn’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the most popular songs that are famous for a long time. Grab your phone and hurry up to download the best ~Disco Radio~ right this second. What will surprise you completely is that you can obtain it for free! This is pretty amazing, don’t you think?

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