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One hundred more Cross Stitch Patterns Design Ideas

Cross Stitch Patterns

One hundred more Cross Stitch Patterns Design Ideas - Maybe some of you do not know what to mean with cross stitches or cross stitch patterns?

- is a loose woven fabric and is usually used for various handicrafts
- Processing is done on the fabric
- in the form of a thin cloth bag made of hemp

Canvas or a loose woven fabric that is generally used as a craft or a process of processing on it, as is the case with the work of Eta.

some say Kruistik ... sometimes say kristik ... sometimes someone says Cross Stitch.

Kruistik comes from the Dutch language that is kruissteek or cross stitch. Well ... let easy usually in Indonesia, the mention is Kristik. Tapiii ... generally other than Indonesia is known as Cross Stitch. Kruistik is one kind of embroidery that uses crossed stitching yarn (forming the letter X) on the woven fabric parallel. The stitching technique of forming the letter X is called a crosslink, so it is popularly known as "cross stitch".

Craft products are embroidered drawings for decorative clothing, home furnishings, wall hangings, bags, or accessories. Cricket image design can be emulated from a book containing patterns of motive or design results themselves.
The thread used is cotton or rayon embroidery. The needle for kruistik is a tipped blind tapestry needle with large needle eye to pass several strands of thread at a time.

Kruistic fabrics are cloths that have boxes (holes) of the same size, horizontal as well as vertical. Therefore, the stitches look like square patterns of the same size.

Types of fabrics common to kruistik are fabric strimin, aida cloth, and linen. Aida fabrics have boxes per inch that can be counted: 8, 11, 14, 16, and 18 boxes per inch. One box means one stitch that makes up the letter X. The number of strands of yarn for one stitch depends on the size of the fabric and the taste. Cross cushion in aida cloth 11 boxes per inch for example, wearing 3 strands of yarn, while in fabric aida 14 wear 2 strands of yarn.

Craftsmanship is one of the oldest forms of embroidered crafts, and can be found all over the world. Craftsmanship products such as kruistic-decorated outfits, especially from continental Europe and Asia are being exhibited in various ethnology museums around the world.

Craftsmanship kraft is very popular among the people of Eastern Europe and Central Europe. The hallmark of their embroidered crafts is the geometric pattern and the two-dimensional cross-stitch (the shadow of the uneaten) with the black and red threads on the linen.


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