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創世傳說-千年血戰 APK

  • by OGAMES
  • Version: 1.3.4
  • Updated on: Aug 05, 2019
Fighting with the dragon, the epic magical dragon rides "Creation of the World" detonated.
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The description of app by: OGAMES

"The devil wakes up, the power of evil envelopes the entire continent, and only by finding all the sacred coats of arms containing the power of the gods can you save this chaotic world..."

The salvation heroes should gather in destiny and be worshipped by the god of destiny. The power of the dark gods cannot contaminate their hearts. To save the world shrouded in darkness, they join hands with the gods and bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility of saving the world. The journey opened a journey to find the holy coat of arms.

"Creation of the World" has a rich game system, a variety of scenes and geography, caves, caves, monster nests, moon fog wilderness, etc., allowing players to enter the world and enjoy a variety of gameplay experience. The magical new work "Creation of the World", the magnificent epic background, the ups and downs of the story, the beautiful scene style, all the immersive players feel the original magical flavor!

"Game Features"
★ Restart the magic door
3D epic magical new forces, who is a true hero

★God wings
Colorful streamer infinitely illusion, gods fly wings to fly

★ hunting BOSS
Crazy BOSS second burst of magic, free trade to become rich

★New fashion
Free appearance and unique personality

★Colorful mount
Variety of gameplay multi-line formation, war dragons out of domineering

★New PVP team battle game
Trade unions fight for hegemony, making the battle more intense, the audience climax

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If you encounter any problems in the game, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!
Please search on Facebook: "Creation of the World"
Customer service email: [email protected]

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