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Last updated: November 2022

Explore and conquer a breathtaking Cyberpunk World in a Card Battle Adventure.

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Fight, collect and connect with other players in the neon-drenched streets of Project Hive - a cyberpunk multiplayer card battle game, featuring turn-based RPG elements and deck building mechanics. Backed by an experienced team and strong design, Project Hive is bringing AAA-quality to mobile deckbuilding games.

Enter the world of a not-so distant future, a reality where people transfer their minds into fully virtual environments. In this world, a new game, “Project Hive”, is the most popular form of entertainment - but what secrets does the Hive hold? Discover for yourself!

Battle other players in live PVP combat. Grow your Rank - and every Season you will receive amazing rewards, unlock new content and just enjoy the tactical gameplay itself.


FREE-TO-PLAY GAME, PREMIUM QUALITY -No unnecessary conditions or obligations - collect Protocols, build your deck and defeat opponents in battles with no compromise!

BOUNDLESS COMBAT SYSTEM - Build and customize decks of Protocols, the game’s abilities - and build powerful skill combinations for unmatched strategic potential!

A ROSTER OF STANDOUT CLASSES - Play as one of 4 starting Classes by using different Equipment - and build unique decks out of Protocols, the game's abilities. Unlock more classes, new cosmetic items, Protocols, arenas and more as the Hive Universe evolves and expands!

BREATH-TAKING GRAPHICS - Built on Unreal Engine 5, the virtual world of Project Hive comes alive with detailed environments, high-quality character models and motion-captured animations!

MASTERY OVER LUCK - You can crush an enemy with brute force - or outsmart him with your cunning tactics.The deckbuilding, round-based core of Project Hive, opens up a whole world of tactical opportunities, no matter which CyberConstruct you choose!

MORE THAN ONE WAY TO BATTLE - Practice, challenge your friends, or climb to the top of the ladder in Ranked Match mode!

FUN TO PLAY, EASY TO WIN - With two different rows at your disposal, play your deck wisely. To win a round, you have to score more points than your opponent. And to win, you have to win two rounds out of three. No one said it would be easy!

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST - At the start of the match, you have ten protocols in your hand - play them as you see fit! Start the round with the strongest squad or leave the best cards for later? The choice is yours! What deck will you assemble - and what strategy will you use?

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Project Hive APK 1.1.76 Update

*Early Access* (Version: 1.1.76)

Gear up and fight your way to the top of Hive Tower in CyberPunk PVP tactical game.

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Nov 10, 2022
Project Hive
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