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Explore eye makeup with easy steps makeup tutorial.
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Extraordinary easy Eye Makeup and natural Eye Makeup for Perfect Eyes

Ready to make your eye colors look more beautiful using eye makeup? For you who are not ready, we have easy to follow the simple eye makeup tutorial below that guide you to apply easy eye makeup. So first step is hiding the dark circles by applying moisturizer that contains SPF. The moisturizer will help your concealer to glide on more smoothly. Next use your concealer only on the areas you really need like on blemishes and circles under your eyes. This step is cat eye makeup.

The second step of how to do eye makeup is applying the base. Take foundation stick and apply it around your eyes. Use your foundation stick like you are using giant marker by drawing thick lines on your cheekbones, besides your nose, above your brows, and then blend the foundation using your fingers. If you finish the first and second steps above but the mark around your eyes still visible, you need to reapply the concealer. Repeat the first one or use cover up that consists of salicylic acid on the marks. It is good for eye makeup for brown eyes or eye makeup for green eyes.

Simple eye makeup tutorial for More Stunning how to do Eye makeup.

Ladies always eager to look perfect. They 'paint' their face to get prettier look. Here is easy eye makeup that helps you 'painting' your eyes and makes them prettier.

Next colorful eye makeup to perfect your adorable eyes is blushing on. Instead of shading your cheekbones and sculpting the cheekbones using powder and brush, try cream blush and apply it to apples of cheeks. Now blend color you have applied on your cheeks by using your fingers. And then continue by applying the eye base that is shimmery, that's the next step of colorful eye makeup. If you have fair skin, you must try silvery white eye shade. But if your skin tone is medium or dark, champagne shade will be awesome. It is also good for smokey eye makeup.

The sixth of simple eye makeup tutorial is making your eye shadow pop by using gold and bronze shadows in order to give more depth to your eyes. Use flat brush to apply the bronze shade then use fingers in order to smudge the color down over your lids. Gold shadow in centers of eyelids will make the eyes look bigger. Apply the gold shades under your eyes to make your eyes look luminous. The darker shades will draw people's attention to the circles under your eyes for black eye makeup.

This app is applicable with prom makeup, blue eye makeup, eye makeup for blue eyes, dark eye makeup, dramatic eye makeup, and light eye makeup.

Seventh of easy eye makeup is adding some definition or creating more intensity by rimming the upper lines or eyelashes using brown colored liner pencil then smudge it using shadow brush. Now, once you finish making your makeup looks, continue applying makeup for your lips and perfect your eye makeup looks.

These eye makeup ideas also applicable for you who have small eyes or big eyes because the application also provides eyes make up for small eyes and eyes make for big eyes.

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