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Songoisseur - Song Recommendations for Spotify APK

Spotify song recommendations perfect for all music lovers!.
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Getting tired of your Spotify playlist? Or just looking to spice things up?

Harness the power of Songoisseur, and get recommendations for the music your listening to right now! Never before has discovering new music and new artists been so simple and intuitive. And completely ad-free! Here’s how it works:

-Songoisseur links up with your Spotify account
-Songoisseur detects activity (this can be on mobile, desktop, gaming console, you name it!)
-The app then utilizes Spotify’s extremely intelligent music seeding and categorizing algorithm to provide you with 20 highly accurate song recommendations!

And that’s not all. Not only will Songoisseur give you recommendations for the song it detects is being played, but it will also allow you to listen to them! Our “recommendation cycle” is endless, so you can get recommendations for your recommendations… and recommendations for those recommendations!

Spotify’s built-in playlist radio does include recommendations, but this throws more general parameters, such as the artists (who often change genres each album) - this can make for a very inconsistent listening experience. With Songoisseur, recommendations are generated per song, taking less consideration for the artist, and more for that specific piece of music.

This means that if you’re listening to an upbeat and funky song, you’ll be recommended other songs with those characteristics. Want something fresh? Don’t worry, because Songoisseur includes music with similar traits, but ensures that your curated recommendations are relatively diverse.

Instructions for Use:
-Open app
-Start playing a song on Spotify
-Hit the “Connect With Spotify Button”
-Recommendations are generated, and songs in the list will begin playing when clicked
-Recommendations are then generated for those songs
-Can export songs to a Spotify playlist with the “Export Recommendations” button

Songoisseur will be updated regularly with new features and algorithm improvements that will further enhance song suggestions. Stay tuned, and enjoy!


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What's New
Welcome to the updated version of Songoisseur! If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, feel free to reach out to me @ [email protected] For now, have fun discovering new music!

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