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Gardens and well-groomed landscaped areas are believed to have the ability to increase the value of the home or any property, especially in urban locations where sizable spaces are rarely available. This spurred the growth of the gardening supplies market and even made gardening as one of the top hobbies in countries such as the United States.

While there is a predominance of landscape artists, many homeowners opt to choose do-it-yourself landscaping projects because of the prohibitive costs associated with hiring professional design companies. Given the freehand to design and conceptualize their own garden, homeowners should have the right information on the most common garden themes and the DIY landscape supply companies to help them with their project.

Project DIY: A List of the Basic DIY Landscape Supplies

The most common garden themes include English gardens, Chinese gardens, water gardens, vegetable and flower gardens and container gardens, among others. Contemporary themes such as roof gardens and rock gardens are likewise rising in popularity.

For DIY projects involving these garden styles, enthusiasts and even beginners should take note of this checklist detailing the basic garden supplies that homeowners should invest in:

1. Re-washable gloves - can be used for the protection against scratches and cuts and a hand covering for soil and landscape cleanup.

2. Trowel - a small hand tool which is most useful for digging and scooping small amounts of soil or other gardening materials.

3. Shovel - a bigger version of the trowel which is used for digging and transferring heavy and large amounts of soil, gravel or compost.

4. Hand pruning instrument - is a scissor-like hand tool used to cut and trim plant branches.

5. Fertilizers and/or composting material - are organic materials added to the plants to induce and enhance plant growth. It is important to note the increasing trend of DIY compost so homeowners may likewise opt to create their own composting material.

6. Watering can or water hose - medium which can be used to store and transfer water for the plants.

Over time, the property market saw the shift in the preferences and tastes for outdoor gardens compared to earlier practices of leaving idle land as is. Garden lovers and landscaping beginners as well, are recommended to invest in these DIY landscape supplies for spur-of-the-moment decisions to improve or renovate the garden - even with a short notice, garden enthusiasts are ready to make additions and improvements in the garden.

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