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Easter is just around the corner! And though I dont quite understand the correlation between the Easter bunny and colored eggs, I love them all the same. Colored eggs are usually presented this time of year with the shells on -but we decided to change it up a bit. Instead of hard boiling your eggs, decorating them, then tossing them in the trash in a few weeks, why not use up the contents (Im thinking a big ol batch of french toast!?) and then use the shells as molds for brightly colored candles? Its a win-win!

Supplies needed

Blown out eggshells
Soy wax flakes
Candle wicks (at least 5 inches)
Wax paper
Dixie cups
Crayons (optional)
Essential oils (optional)

Step 1

Start with dry, blown out eggshells. I used duck eggs because I wanted slightly larger candles, but any eggs will do!

Step 2

Grate or chop one crayon into small pieces and split between two Dixie cups. Fill both cups to the brim with soy wax flakes, then microwave in 1-minute intervals until soy wax and crayon wax have completely melted. Add essential oils for fragrance, and stir melted wax to incorporate the color.

Step 3

Dip the wick in melted wax and send up through the outside bottom of the eggshell to adhere to shell. I also like to pour a tiny amount of slightly cooled wax down through the inside of the shell, this helps the wick stick to the shell, and sticks both the wick and shell to the wax paper which will help the eggshell stand on its own. Let the wax dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 4

Before pouring the remainder of the wax (my eggs took two Dixie cups each of wax, approximately six ounces of unmelted wax), check to make sure its significantly cooler than what it was when you first took it out of the microwave. This will allow the wax to successfully be poured into the eggshell without melting the base that you previously sealed with the wick end. If any wax starts to pour out around the base you should let it cool, and be sure the base is sealed before attempting to pour again.

Mix additional colors and repeat steps 1-4 for your remaining eggs.

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Date published: Jan 21, 2018

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