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Necktie tutorial easy step by steps here. Free download!.
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How To Tie A Necktie? Have you ever had that shopping experience before? You go to men clothing store and pick a necktie for yourself or your friends as a gift. However, suddenly you realize that you don't know how to describe your favorite neckties. Your necktie descriptions really confuse the sales men. Here is an overview of necktie patterns. Almost all necktie patterns are covered so you are pretty sure which necktie you like next time. how to tie a tie? how to tie a necktie step by step?

Solid Color Neckties - No matter printing neckties or weaving neckties, solid color men neckties cover almost all colors. They are made of all kinds of fabric and woven with thousands of weaving techniques. By the way, the dark blue jacquard neckties are usually for fashion men. Those ties are not very flaunting and relatively conservative.

Striped Neckties - Those neck ties are made of printing or woven from wool, cashmere, or blended fabrics. As the main stream neckties or color combination neckties with a free design sense, striped neckties provide the possibilities of endless variety.

Even distribution pattern neckties - The patterns or themes are evenly distributed on the necktie fabric, such as small octagonal-shaped or baby elephant patterns.
Dot neckties - Among the necktie patterns, a stylish classic pattern is the dot shape. It could be printed or woven on the neck tie and the tie fabric can be silk or wool. The simplest rule for this tie is that bigger dot, bolder style.

Paisley Neckties - The Paisley ties are usually considered as a typical British style. However, the tie pattern is actually from the East. This unique pattern is a symbol of rich and productive and very popular among silk neckties.

Geometric Neckties - Some geometric ties are so finely woven that they look like a 3D cartoon. The real feel could make you feel dizzy if tremble a little. The visual puzzle from the pattern is an eye-catching point for you.

Theme Neckties - There are always remembrance themes for necktie designs. Those themes could be the palm trees and sunset in Hawaii or Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum. Those theme ties can be very cheap neck ties or high end artwork depending on different tastes.

Imaginative pattern neckties - Those neck tie patterns are really limited by designers' imagination. Even the same flower pattern, it could be dynamic, small, or big and they are all different. When you go shopping this kind of neckties, be selective which one is perfectly fit you.

Block plaid neckties - The plaids can be broad or narrow. It is a broad concept since it has hundreds of options. Even that many, you should have an idea which pattern it refers to. For example, the pattern has a similar look as Scottish man skirt but the fabric could be silk, wool, or cashmere.

Fine plaid neckties - Those patterns are mostly applied in the suit. However, you will find one more alternative for your necktie wardrobe if used in the necktie design with the same pattern. Also those ties have a nice match for your suit if made of with the same fabric, mostly wool.


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