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The strongest corps, strong battles, evolution and war!.
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The description of app by: Toby Hammond

Contest stadium ranking as the strongest corps.
In real-time PVP, you control each opponent and acquire abundant compensation
Let's form the strongest corps.

[Classic Battle]
3 V 3 classic combat system.
But let's enjoy the hobby of strategy through various combination through free upbringing direction!

[Various Development Systems]
Skill: Combination of various brilliant skills to secure the strongest combat power
Evolution: Choosing a variety of free and diverse evolutionary directions
Transcend & Chip: possesses the strongest attribute through talent skill and chipset effect

[Various protagonists]
A heroine system with different talents.
Every character has a different talent, and a combination of them
Easily reversible, upgraded combat strength by installing gems and badges

[Various contents]
Episode: Receive rich rewards by receiving real-time episodes
Stadium: Become the final winner by using a combination optimized for the match
Expedition: Avoid guardians within a specified amount of time to obtain rich rewards
Resource Plant: Disable core resources, ask for help from a friend, and prevent plundering of core resources

====== Information on collection of access rights ======

For the normal use of the game, the following permissions are collected during installation.

[Required Permissions]
- Permission of mobile phone / Save file: Used to save game related file.

[How to withdraw the accession]
Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings> Apps> Permission item> Permission list> Accept or withdraw permission
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove apps

Withdrawal of essential access rights may result in resource interruption or inability to access games.
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