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Last updated: Sunday, January 22, 2023

Generate Midjourney Prompts - Get ideas for your next AI generated art images.

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IMI: Midjourney Prompt Builder app

IMI Prompts is a Prompt Text Builder/Maker/Generator for MidJourney. Choose the objects and styles from our prompt library, then copy and paste into the MidJourney Discord Channel, and enjoy your piece of art.

A prompt is an input for Text-to-Image AI Art Generators such as MidJourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, etc. Writing a prompt can be a hassle for all users of AI Art Generators. We make it easy for you to create your own unique art style by giving you a huge library of terms. Even though you can use our app for a variety of AI Art Generators, IMI Prompts app is tested and works best with MidJourney's Version 4.

This app starts with a wide collection of suggested prompt texts with descriptive images. These texts are divided into 14 categories: characters, animals, objects, poses, backgrounds, textures, colors, effects, layouts, lighting, themes, artists, and cameras. This set of texts can then be combined together in a single prompt text to help you create your masterpiece in Midjourney.

Here's how to use our app:

• Start by writing your own ideas into the prompt, or select from our wide selection of characters, objects, animals, backgrounds, and poses to tell your story in your artwork.

• Customize your objects with colors and textures.

• Set up your optimal camera and lighting. Lights and camera angles play an important role in drawing drama to certain parts of your composition, so don't forget it.

• Take your artworks to the next level by choosing styles, artists, and themes. You will be amazed by the combination of these styles that will give you your own unique style.

• Try our layout section for practical uses of AI Arts. AI Art is not just for digital arts. It can be the inspiration for everything in our lives. In the layout section, you can find our suggestions for daily uses of AI Arts.

• Edit your text prompts. You can add weight, seed, or any texts or commands to your prompt in our advanced editing mode.

• Copy and paste the generated text into the MidJourney Discord. Let the MidJourney bot run, and be ready to surprise the world with your awesome masterpiece.
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IMI: Midjourney Prompt Builder
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