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Last updated: Thursday, June 23, 2022

Vikings Fighting For Their Village Along Side Dragons!.

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Dragon Warrior game

Three years ago, the trolls shattered the northern line of defense, led their mischievous army into the fray. Thousands of villages and farm lands have fallen and the fate of viking kind hangs in the balance.The greatest warriors are ready to follow in your footsteps to keep their kingdom safe at all costs! VIKINGS! Would you able to repel enemies and restore peace to this scarred land?

Help!!! Trolls and archers are wreaking havoc!
You have finally arrived, my Lord! Our village is in dire need of saving! The enemies have taken over our farmland, rivers, and even our villages like a plague of locusts, and our people desperately need your help! The vikings are ready to help us restore the village, so that the people can come to seek refuge.

⚔️ Do you have the courage to fight for your village against trolls, archers and THE MEGA BOSS?!

Fly on the back of your dragon warrior to protect your village from defeat!
Switch between weapons to give your fighter the best chance of surviving!
How long can you survive when your village is at stake?!

In this family friendly never ending battle against enemies you must prove you are worthy to reclaim your village and become the soul protector against all evil!
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Dragon Warrior
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