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vLox for Zooper Widget pro APK

  • by Drea Apps
  • Version: 1.2.3
  • Updated on: Jan 05, 2015
64 uniquely styled widgets for when you want to stand out from everyone else.
Last updated
4.0.3 and up+
Android version
22.22 Mb
App size
Rated for 3+
Content rating

This widget pack requires 1 permission to modify storage. This only loads the necessary fonts, bitmaps, and icon sets for this widget pack and nothing else. A vLox icon will be added to your app drawer once this pack is installed. You will need to tap the icon only once to load widget assets. Once this is done you can place widgets like normal. This is done to cure the corrupt file issue with Zooper, thanks to Lutz Linke for this fix.

This is set up on Nova Launcher,
8 rows 6 columns
width margin- none
height margin-none
dock- disabled
resize all widgets- on

NEW in 1.2.2: Font fixes

NEW in 1.2.1: Fixes for Mary clock

NEW in 1.2: Added 8 new widgets, vLox Crest, Drag, Mary, Rockstar, Offset, Grunge clocks and vLox Script and Nuevo app short cut widgets. Check the screen shots for details.

NEW in 1.1.1: font fixes, please tap the vLox icon in your app drawer again after the update to load the fonts, thank you!

NEW in 1.1: Added 8 new widgets, 5 clocks, 2 search bars, and 1 fullscreen widget. check the updated screen shots.

NEW in 1.09: Added 5 new clocks, and a large music player. Tapping the currently playing music app text at the top of the large player will open the current app. check out the screen shots. Clocks with battery percent, the text changes color to indicate charging.

NEW in 1.06: Added 2 new clocks, vLox Signature, and Signature analog. Also most important of all, fixed an issue with some fonts not loading. Sorry for this inconvenience.

NEW in 1.05: Added 5 new clocks (Fleur Analog, Nautical clocks, wing clocks 1,2, and web clock) and 1 app shortcut widget.

NEW in 1.04: Added 4 widgets, 3 clocks and an app short cut widget. Check the last screen shot. In the new vLox analog clock the circle behind the skull is a battery progress bar, the eyes on the skull turn red when charging. The vLox app shortcut widget shows notifications for sms and missed calls.

NEW in 1.03: Added 5 new widgets, 3 clocks, a 2nd mini music player, and an app shortcut widget. In vLox clock 6 the percent text changes to charging when plugged in, vLox clock 7 the skull at the top changes color when charging. Check the screen shots for details.

First Release: This pack contains 14 widgets all done in a unique style. 10 clocks, 5 of them being analog. 3 app shortcut widgets, and a small music player. Check out all of the screen shots for details.

Since different OEM`s use different app package names some tap on`s may need to be set for YOUR particular device. The tap on modules for each widget are CLEARLY labeled for easy set up.

If you like this pack please leave a rating I would appreciate it, also check out my other Zooper widget packs.

If you have any questions, problems, or need help with layout please hit the website link at the bottom and post there or email me at the address below. I would be glad to help!


166+ total
5 135
4 14
3 2
2 1
1 14
What's New
NEW in 1.2.3: Added 5 new widgets, vLox Haunted clock and app shortcut widget (tap ons are clearly labeled in widget modules, you may need to set tap ons for your specific device.), vLox Phantom, Time Bomb and Sealed clocks. Check the screen shots and don't forget to tap that app drawer icon to load all fonts.
This pack now contains 64 individual widgets.

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