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Heavy Snow Plow Clean Road Simulator 3D APK

An exciting road clean game with impeccable features.
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The description of app by: Dream Tech Studios

Heavy Snow Plow Clean Road Simulator 3D
Clean the road so the traffic can pass through. The heavy snow doesn’t let the vehicles to move. Your duty is to drive a heavy snow plow truck to clean the road and open it for all kind of traffic. This is the simple yet exciting scenario and gameplay of Heavy Snow Plow Clean Road Simulator 3D, a game that promises tons of excitement.
Unlike other excavator sim, city excavator rescue, tractor driving games and snow blower truck games 2019, this game is totally different. In each mission, you have to drive different vehicles like heavy stone cutter excavator machine to clean the city roads dumper truck to load the snow , use monster truck to clean the snow roads , clear the roads for school bus , tractor trolley , loader truck and for heavy machines . you have to play as snowplow truck driver by clearing all the snow from the city roads and offroad roads. you have to pick the snow piles or stones with the help of snow excavator and snow blower truck and load all the stuff into the dumper truck. Then drive the dumper truck to the offroad areas for disposal of stones and snow. Be aware of city police and colliding with city traffic and dangerous hurdles. Drive grand excavator machine and mega tractor very carefully, so take control of tractor seat to pedal tractor for cleaning roads.Be a expert excavator operator and a amazing truck driver.
It is the winter time in the highways and city roads of NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and other parts of the world. These cities have huge traffic jam due to pile of snow plow. Operate Snow Heavy dredge Excavator Crane Rescue to Cut Rocks block and shift into loader truck.
The main objective is to initiate your giant crane operator and ride like snow blower rescue hero to open way for traffic. Maneuver with snow excavator robot truck through snow mountains and clear road blockage to provide city survival duty. Work hard to escape from sliding glaciers, snowpack wrecking ball as many rescue city operation waits for you.
Heavy Snow Plow Clean Road Simulator 3D has impeccable graphics. The stunning animations and electric sound effects further enhance the game playing experience. Get this game now on your phone and enjoy its captivating gameplay. If you face any issue, feel free to get back to us.

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