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Java N-IDE - Java Compiler for Android APK

Current Version: 1.4.5

@ N Studio - Trần Lê Duy

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Java console for Android. Apk builder.Please see promo video how to install.

## Overview
This project is develop to help the community learn java on android.
You can build and run Java file with JDK 1.7.

(No official support) Build apk file (only support armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64)

## Tutorials
1. Setup system https://youtu.be/FZtSbgq8ZN0
1. Build java file with library https://youtu.be/fUFqR8ZlChg
3. Build simple Android app https://youtu.be/euZilR8-EhA

Because this is beta version so I will update very often.

## Todo
1. Java compiler JDK 1.7 ✔
2. Java editor ✔
3. Java auto complete code ✔ (But not working perfect)
4. Java debugger (jdb).
5. Run java file, class file ✔
6. Build java library ✔
7. Support VCS
8. Decompile class, jar
9. Java code formatter (Google Java code formatter) ✔
10. Build Android app. ✔
11. XML auto complete
12. Layout builder for Android

## What does tools the project include?
1. Javac - Java compiler
2. Aapt - Android asset package tool
3. Dx - Dex for dalvik vm
4. Zip Signer
5. Apk builder

## Contribute
I would absolutely love every possible kind of contributions. If you
have a questions, ideas, need help or want to propose a change just open
an issue. Pull request are greatly appreciated.

Github https://github.com/tranleduy2000/javaide

This app is free for everyone to learn Java. I work for the community. If you want to donate to the project, you can click donate button in the application.


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What's New
Fixed can't build apk

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