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Last updated: Thursday, November 24, 2022

You can relive every moment of your childhood in the world of pets.

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Childhood memories, super popular mobile game online! Cute painting style , gorgeous special effects, with perfect line to develop, come to create a special pet team for you!

【Develop Evolution, Change Collocation】
Multiple lines of comprehensive development, breakthrough, evolution, super evolution, more than 400 pets random collocation, form your strongest team.

【Fun Play, Fun Full】
Questions and answers, dispatch, fishing and other interesting games, both life and games, let you enjoy a relaxed, comfortable, full of entertainment experience.

【Service Battle, Online Matching】
Leisure and hot blood, to meet your various needs
Unlimited game, fair game, you can choose what you like. Players from all service against each other! You can relive every moment of your childhood in the world of pets.
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Elves:Time Warriors
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