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Last updated: Thursday, January 19, 2023

Çanak Okey game whenever you want, play Çanak Okey game without internet,.

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Çanak Okey internetsiz game

Play Çanak Okey, a game of dish okey against artificial intelligence without internet.
Play Çanak okey whenever you want by downloading the most advanced offline Çanak okey game with its easy-to-use interface.

What is the difference of the dish okey?
Bowl: It is the prize accumulated by the dealer at the beginning of each hand, according to the table value, by placing extra money in the bowl. In case you finish your hand by throwing okey or if you finish your hand while going double, you will also win the prize accumulated in this bowl along with your normal earnings.

ÇanakOkey offline game features: with an extremely easy to use user interface. Çanak Okey game settings: Determine how many numbers the game will be deducted from.
Adjust the artificial intelligence game speed.
Set the color okey on or off.
Çanak Okey game features without internet, Automatic sorting, reordering and double sorting of the distributed pieces.

How to play Çanak Okey game.
Okey game without internet is played with 4 players as standard. In Çanak Okey game, there is a cue stick for the player to sort the stones.
The tiles of Çanak Okey game are in 4 colors as Red, Black, Yellow and Blue.
Çanak Okey game pieces are listed from 1 to 13.
There are also two fake okey in the Çanak Okey game.
There are 106 stones in total in the Çanak Okey game.

At the beginning of the Çanak Okey game, all the stones are mixed and distributed to the players automatically. The player sitting next to the player who distributes the stones is given 15, the others 14 stones.
All players arrange the stones they have taken according to their cues and group them into pairs or pairs.
In the Çanak Okey game, the stones that are not distributed to the players are left in the middle of the table.
In the Çanak Okey game, the stone with the open number in the middle of the table is the indicator stone.
The stone with the same color and number as the indicator stone on it is the Okey Stone.
In the Çanak Okey game, Okey can be used instead of all the stones.
If the bowl is finished with an Okey stone (to throw Okey), the points earned are multiplied by two.

Normal stone order in Çanak Okey game:
The player divides the pieces in his hand into pairs of at least 3, there are two different pairs in the normal formation.
The first is done by lining up stones of the same color in series.
The second is done in pairs by placing the same number of stones of each color side by side.
Pairs line-up in the Çanak Okey game:
The player arranges all the pieces in pairs, and when he has seven pairs of pieces, he drags the last piece to the center of the table, ending the game.
Indicator rule in Çanak Okey game:
When a new game starts, the player whose turn it is will show if there is an indicator stone, if it is Okey colored from other players, 2 points are deducted if not.
Finish in the Çanak Okey game:
If the stone thrown at the end is not Okey, it is considered as a normal finish, and if it is Okey colored, 4 points, otherwise 2 points are deducted from the other players.
If finished with seven pairs, 4 points are deducted from the other players.
If all stones are the same color and from 1 to 13 in sequence, the color is finished. In this case, the score of the other players will decrease to zero and the game will be over.
If all pieces are the same color but uneven, 8 points are deducted from other players.
There are many customization options available in our Çanak Okey Play offline game, you can have a more enjoyable time by customizing our Çanak Okey Play game according to your wishes before playing Çanak Okey.
You can make a purchase to play the game without ads in the Çanak okey play offline game, and you can play the classic okey offline game without being interrupted by advertisements.
Play Çanak Okey game without internet is a game played against artificial intelligence, so you can choose the game mode as easy/normal/hard before you start playing Çanak Okey.
There are options for background colors and patterns in the Çanak Okey Play offline game, and you can start the Çanak Okey Play game by applying the one you like.
Take your game pleasure to the next level by adjusting the other options in the dish okey play offline game.
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