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Last updated: Monday, August 22, 2022

Learn water bodies across the world with touch of your finger.

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This is an educational app used to learn the water bodies across the globe. It includes Oceans, Seas, Bays, Gulfs, Straits, Rivers and lakes of the world. The app include a learn section where you can touch and learn the location of the different water bodies . The other section is quiz section where in 120 seconds you will have to find the location of the different water bodies of the world.
The learn and quiz sections are further divided into sections of different water bodies ie. Ocean and Seas, Gulf and Bays, Straits, Lakes and Rivers.
Most of the major water bodies are included in the app.
This app is useful of students who want to learn the world geography in a interesting way.
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Learn World Water Bodies APK 1.0.0 Update

Learn World Water Bodies with touch of your finger

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Learn World Water Bodies
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