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Pairs of both united with the same product.

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In the extraction framework, on two consecutive wheels, two pairs of ambi are searched - in isotope position - whose product - calculated with the criterion of out 90 - is identical. With these numbers a calculation is made which will result in a quatrain: the first and second numbers will be the ambata to be played on the two wheels concerned while, the entire quatrain will be the one to be put into play as always on the two wheels concerned.
Florence - [40 78] 51 22 8
Genoa - [50 84] 39 30 63
60 - 6 - 28 - 44
Ambata 60 - 6
Both 60 - 6 - 28 - 44
The program carries out the search starting three months before the last extraction contained in the database (the National Wheel is excluded). The predictions are to be put into play for a maximum of seven / eight draws.
The App is to be considered only a digital aid and not an invitation to invest money in the Lotto game.
Please note that gambling can cause addiction and is forbidden for minors under the age of 18, therefore, the use of this App is reserved for adults only.
Law 111, Article 24, paragraphs 19-22 of 07/15/2011 governs the prohibition of participation in games with cash prizes for minors.
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