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An application devoted to Ayurveda with more Yoga and Meditation.
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The description of app by: EX NIHILO

An application dedicated to Ayurveda, science of life, which also deals with the disciplines of Yoga and Meditation; These 3 disciplines are closely related or even inseparable in Samkhya philosophy.
"Ayurveda Yoga Meditation" will allow you to understand these disciplines, their philosophy, and lead you to "Self-knowledge".
A holistic approach of Ayurveda to achieve balance, harmony, better health.
You can evaluate your constitution doshique, and know all the recommendations for each constitutional type: diet, daily routine, lifestyle, massages, exercises ... Dosha Vata, Pitta, Kapha will have no secrets for you!
A lexicon to understand the main ayurvedic terms: nadis, rajas, tamas, sttva ...
Articles, videos, tests ...
If you are looking for an application on Ayurveda, you will find here your happiness!
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