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Last updated: June 2018

Tap the Ball.

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Tap the Ball game

"Tap the Ball" is a fun game to test your reaction speed. Explode the balls as they appear on the screen, but you must be skillful because they appear faster every time. Do not leave any ball untouched or you will die!!!

“Tap the Ball " has two game modes:
- Time mode: exploits the most balls as possible in a given time. Tap the "special ball" to get more time but be careful with "pump ball " because if you tap it, you will lose time!
- Survival mode: you have to explode all the possible balls. If you don´t tap a ball you will lose a life. Be skillful and do not lose all lives or you will lose the game!. Tap the "special ball" to get a life but be careful with "pump ball " because if you tap it, you will lose a life!

- Tap the ball to exploit it.
- Two modes of game.
- There are 3 scenarios: desert, forest and snow forest.
- Three types of ball: sand ball, wooden ball and snowball.
- Fabulous sound effects.
-Awesome graphics.
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Tap the Ball
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