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Last updated: Thursday, June 16, 2022

Cut everything that appears on the screen, just be very careful with the bombs.

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Fruit Cutter game

*How to play

There are 3 game modes:

Arcade: Cut as many fruits as possible without cutting the bombs, every time you cut a bomb you lose a life.

Rating: Cut everything without dropping anything, if you drop more than 3 foods you lose the game, be careful with the bombs.

Queue: Priority to cut everything indicated in the food queue.

Tap the Play button to start the Fruit Cutter game.
Slice everything that appears on the screen, just watch out for the bombs
Don't touch the bombs that are occasionally dropped on the screen.
You will get extra points for cutting 4 fruits together.
Extra points will be awarded for cutting multiple fruits with one swipe
You can use additional fingers to make multiple slices simultaneously.

You will earn points according to the amount of fruit you cut.
You have a total of 3 lives, you lose 1 life when you miss the fruit or touch the bomb.
As soon as you lose all your lives, your game is over.
Create high score and enjoy fruit slicer game.



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Fruit Cutter APK 1.0.0 Update

Release version of the game, wait, soon many news and improvements.

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Fruit Cutter
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