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Last updated: Monday, October 10, 2022

Survive 5 nights at anime scary house full with kawaii evil animatronics.

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5 Nights In Anime House 3d game

5 nights at anime scary house gameplay - the 5 nights t anime house parody fan game is back with 5 nights at anime reborn and is a remake and remaster based on the original fan game. this 5 night anime is nothing like what we are used to, and 5 nights at anime house interence reborn is nothing like the original fna anime fangame. this time around, the game 5 nights at anime scary house reborn takes a more traditional five-night approach with an intense horror aspect, tight energy management and creepy jumps. the animatronics that are here want us to leave, and they're not here to play!
5 nights at anime house game is a kind of fnia but with an anime aesthetic. in the 5 night 3d game, we will not have to take on the role of a security guard and use cameras to monitor a series of animatronics with homicidal tendencies, but rather a group of 5 nights anime girls who really like to party. you will be able to watch them through the cameras and take part in the fun. meanwhile, we will have to monitor all the entry points where unwanted intruders could get in.

the 5 nights in anime house game controls and mechanics leave a lot to be desired. in short, if you are looking for games that are a bit saucy, you are in the right place.
congratulations on your new job as the night watchman at 5 nights at anime convention! as you'd expect, your job is to keep the “special” animatronics safe. unfortunately, the 5 night anime girls want to play with you, and they don’t seem to realize how strong they are: long story short, if they catch you, they will hunt you. enjoy five nights at anime 3d house.
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5 Nights In Anime House 3d
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