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2.2 for Android 2.3 and up and up


Early childhood education, preschool education, learning exercises, after-school tutoring, independent study,Happy children learn math multiplication.

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Early childhood education, preschool education, learning exercises, a small country math, after-school tutoring, independent study,
multiplication of small school Traditional Chinese,
This is the multiplication of teaching software in a four operations,
can make children happy to learn in the game of multiplication,
which provides multiplication introduction, illustrated teaching, learning portal, basic exercises,
Advanced quiz, I ask you to answer the application questions and answers, and many other small painter function
allows children to edge games while learning multiplication,
add fun to children learning arithmetic,
training of basic mathematical abilities of children,
for school students to learn multiplication use,
also can be used as pre-school software,
multiplication of small school is the best tool for babies learning multiplication
let the kids win at the starting point.
A multiplication description: providing a basic introduction to multiplication, including multiplication sign
, straight multiplication, multiplication concept, and multiplication characteristics
multiplying applications described.
Second, the icon of teaching: 10 the following multiplicand and multiplier operation teaching,
let the children choose the multiplicand and multiplier,
with a corresponding number of pictures displayed teaching,
allows children to learn quickly digest.
Third, the learning portal: a single digit multiplication in getting started.
Four basic exercises: product within two digits basic exercises.
Five advanced tests: Advanced test the product within four digits.
Sixth, I ask you A: The human voice random out of question, within the three-digit product I ask you to answer.
VII Application Q & A: multiplication applies to instances in life quiz.
Eight Little painter: to provide children graffiti paint, space free practice.

Learning multiplication primary school friends,
can be downloaded "Jiujiuchengfa small school", https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com
. free.mul99tab.cht.v1

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have to bring your kids or useful or joy,
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A small school and the Three Kingdoms series Facebook fan page:
Introduction http://www.facebook.com/arrow2ship

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Category: Education , Similar

Date published: Oct 21, 2016

Current version: 2.2

Requires android: 2.3 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+




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