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Today, we share fruit and vegetable carving to you!

fruit and vegetable carving

Today, we share fruit and vegetable carving to you!

It's considered that fruit and vegetable carving originated from Sukothai within Thailand close to seven hundred years ago, although some people challenge this fact and believe that it initially began at about the time of the Tang Dynasty in China.

The Thai Art of fruit and vegetable carving is a very important part of Thailands historical past and one of their oldest art forms. Coming initially from around 14th century when a young Thai woman ornamented the floating lamp for the Regal Festival that is celebrated during the night of the full moon. This young woman fruit and vegetable carving in a variety of flowers which were used to beautify the floating lamp, making it look like an enormous water lily flower. When the King Phra Ruang noticed exactly what the lady had produced, he treasured this fresh innovation and decreed that it would be an art heritage of Thailand and will be taught and practiced to all Thai females. This expertise continues to be passed on through generations only in person and to family and friends, especially in the Royal Palace.

Special fruit carving knives are often used by the fruit carver. These specialised tools are designed in such away to be able to give the artist full range of movement for when they are creating the complicated flower petals and leaves. The knives in many cases are quite small with the blade curved in shape and with a small solid wood handle. Regular chef kitchen knives could also be used nevertheless people often find them to be rather cumbersome to handle.

Flowers are not the only things carved in to the fruit and vegetable carving. Many other designs for instance animals, buildings, people as well as landscapes may also be fruit and vegetable carving. The only limit is the artists own imagination.

fruit and vegetable carving can be a very worthwhile and relaxing experience. Having the ability to produce something so amazing from something so everyday is a great accomplishment. After you have mastered the basic principles you are able to pretty much let your imagination run wild!

Learn the unique art of Thai Fruit Carving from the comfort of your own home.
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