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食夢計劃-與少女並肩向夢噩種宣戰 APK icon

食夢計劃-與少女並肩向夢噩種宣戰 APK

  • by Joy Crit
  • Version: 1.0.30
  • Updated on: Aug 15, 2019
★Japan TOP10 seiyuu, lead the voice ★ The second element is combined with the catapult game for the first time.
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Hayzen C August 12, 2019

I think that this game has a control that can hurt teammates. I haven't seen this control before. it can destoy your own teammates. Also the characters will fall down from the height and just die.That is bad at all
Joy Crit August 12, 2019
Thanks for your feedback, it's a part of fun, you need to be more careful. Wish you can enjoy our game! If you have any question, please contact us with Facebook. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DREAMEATERgame/

Kensuke Chan August 2, 2019

this game reminds me the old good time when i was playing ddt 10 years ago
Joy Crit August 3, 2019
非常感謝教官大大的支持!ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙ 我們一定會更加努力優化遊戲,帶給教官更棒的遊戲體驗的! 如在遊戲中有任何問題或是對遊戲的意見和建議,請在遊戲內點選“?”進行提問喔。 同時也歡迎教官前往《食夢計劃》粉絲頁私訊夢醬~ 《食夢計劃》FB粉絲頁:https://www.facebook.com/DREAMEATERgame/

張丞 August 3, 2019

absolutely love the designs.big thumbs up
Joy Crit August 4, 2019
感謝教官的好評(❁´◡`❁) 前方戰況激烈,教官需要安琪莉紗幫您貼OK繃嗎?不疼的唷~ 如在遊戲中有任何問題或是對遊戲的意見和建議,請在遊戲內點選“?”進行提問喔。 同時也歡迎教官前往《食夢計劃》粉絲頁私訊夢醬~ 《食夢計劃》FB粉絲頁:https://www.facebook.com/DREAMEATERgame/
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The description of app by: Joy Crit

The "Wings of Weapons" equipped with the Dream Particles was officially launched with the "Control War" initiated by the Integral Organs and the Rebel Alliance.

However, due to the large amount of investment in the magical particle weapon, a disaster named "Zero-Phenomenon" was triggered. After the "Zero-Symbolism" occurred, the Oscars in the space-time cracks (Osiris) continued to flow into the "dream plant".

And "I", born in the "Grazheim" light column, is the "driver" girl who is equipped with "silver-wing weapons" to complete the existence of saving human civilization.

◆Driver camp
• "Holy Knight" (シルバーナイト) - guards the driver camp of the first reserved area, formerly known as the International Rescue Organization;
• “绯啸火” (ブレイズ) - guards the driver camp of the second reserved area, members are mainly soldiers in the war of war;
• "Annual Star" (ブリリアント) - A mercenary organization that guards the third reserved area. The members are mostly orphans who lost their parents due to the War of Conquest;
• “Paradise Walker” (ラクエントラベラー) - the driver's underground rebel organization in the fourth reserved area;
• “仞利天” (タワティマサ) - The driver's camp that guards the fifth reserved area, formerly known as the Magical Research Institute, established during the War of Resistance.

◆ Luxury CAST lineup
• Dream YUME (CV: Ogura Wei)
• Margaret MARGARITA (CV: Mao Ye Aiyi)
• Browning BROWNING (CV: Xiaoqingshui Yamei)
• Alsinoi ARSINOE (CV: Ito Jing)
• Shadowmoon KAGETSUKI (CV: You Mubi)
• Gossip YATA (CV: Hanazawa Coriander)
• Maple KAEDE (CV: Sakura Aya)
•枷 GA (CV: Tanaka Rie)
• Wilhelmina WILHELMINA (CV: see Shari)

◆Fighting characteristics
• The combination of the two elements of mech and girl
• Load or pull two kinds of ejection combat modes to switch at will
• Keep an eye on the weather and wind is also the key to success
• Captains, team members, and substitutes perform their duties
• Poor position? Try flight mode
• Random BUFF can do more with less

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Join the latest news now, and get the virtual treasure reward from time to time!

* This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary level 12.
* This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
* Playing games for a long time is easy to affect normal work and rest, and should be moderately rested and exercised.
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