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Current Version: 3.6.0

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The "F-LINK", and takes in the videos and photos taken on smartphones and tablet devices easily with wireless, it is a feature that can be enjoyed on a PC.

The "F-LINK", is taken easily videos and photos taken on smartphones and tablet devices wirelessly, a feature that can be enjoyed on a PC.
In addition, the personal computer to each other any of the data, between your computer and smartphone and tablet terminal, you can send and receive wirelessly on your smartphone and tablet terminal with each other.

[Operation environmental conditions]
OS: Android 2.1 ~ Android 6.0
※ Android 6.0 does not have a corresponding scheduled for later.
Hardware: Wi-Fi smartphones / tablet terminal

"F-LINK for Android" is, you will be available on smartphones and tablet terminals other than the Fujitsu.
PC applications, will be available to download from the site below.

[FMV available towards the
For details of the operation check information and considerations, please refer to the site below.

Fujitsu FM-WORLD - for the F-LINK:

model and Windows that Windows 10 is mounted 8.1 If you have been upgraded to Windows 10 from, F-LINK Neo is now available.
If you from the F-LINK will be migrated to the F-LINK Neo, please visit the site below.

Fujitsu FM-WORLD - information from the F-LINK on how to migrate F-LINK Neo:
http://azby.fmworld.net/support/soft/flink/flink-neo.html? apps_flink-neo

[ARROWS / REGZA Phone / F-12C to the person who uses]
you can download the PC application from the following website (available other than Fujitsu PC ).

Fujitsu FM-WORLD - F-LINK software:
※ V2.2.2.0 Please use.

- When you register your computer with the "PC cooperation" Auto cooperation it will be set.
- When the automatic cooperation has been set battery to periodically turn on the Wi-Fi will drain.
[F-LINK Settings] - please uncheck the Auto cooperation by selecting the PC registered from [PC Connection Setting]. The

, the following time, connected to the same router or access point to a computer, please use.
-Wi-Fi "connection is limited" when connecting to PC and when it is displayed
-Wi-Fi tethering when using the smartphone and tablet terminal that does not support (# ) - and if the initial registration of the personal computer cooperation is not completed correctly, when they are suddenly cut
- when the PC is connected to the USB Wi-Fi adapter

of PCs "F-LINK" and "F-LINK for Windows", please use to update to the latest version.

- If the PC has introduced a network security software,? Please add F-LINK.exe? To the connection permission or exception application.

Of the PC work together in a short period of time when you use the "PC operation in the smartphone" you might want to consume a lot of battery.

[Authority to grant the application]

, terminal status and ID reading of the
- When a PC cooperation from the personal computer to get the "number of steps and activities amount", we are using the telephone number information to the transmission data.
※ PC side of the application ( "healthy living diary (Windows 8.1 / 8)," "Walking diary (Windows 7)") is, we are used to identify a plurality of users.

, Photos and videos taken of
- used to get the number of pixels of the camera as the device information when performing the initial registration of a personal computer cooperation.

, Call Read Read / contact history
- when the F-LINK has been selected in the [Sharing] from the phone book, and then used to create a transmission file.

Calendar read the schedule and confidential information of
- is used to get the date and time information.

And reading of the writing / Web bookmarks and history of Web bookmarks and history
- use the browser history when performing the URL sent in the direct transmission.

, Modify or delete the contents of the SD card reader / SD card of the content of the
-SD to use in order to take advantage of the sending and sharing of files in the card.

Screen Disabling the lock
- has confirmed the lock state of the screen when performing a personal computer and automatic cooperation registered in the personal computer cooperation.

And reading of the added word in the dictionary
- used to read the words, names and phrases that have been registered in the word list.

Full access to the
- used to communicate with the opposite machine.

- Display / change of the network connection in the Network Connections
- used to handle the network connection status of the terminal.

· NFC management of
using the -NFC you used to perform the PC collaboration and direct transmission and reception.

And display of connection and disconnection / Wi-Fi connection from the Wi-Fi
is used to handle the -Wi-Fi connection status.

And acquisition of running apps
-F-LINK will be used to check whether it is running in front.

Vibration control of
- Use of PC cooperation in the "PC operation in the smartphone" to notify events such as when the screen is selected.

Terminal to disable the sleep of
- in the personal computer registration and cooperation, terminal, such as during file transmission will be used to suppress to sleep.

· Wi-Fi to allow multicast reception
- use the multicast reception in order to communicate with the opposite machine.

System configuration changes
- Used to handle the Wi-Fi settings of the terminal.

· Sticky broadcast distribution
- used to communicate with the opposite machine.

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What's New
[V3.6.0] · Android corresponding to 6.0 (※ Android 6.0 does not have a corresponding scheduled for later) [Notes / Restrictions] (Android 6.0) · direct transmission / direct reception / data sharing any of the personal computer cooperation at the time of first use of you may want to request a. Once, please be connected to the computer with the PC cooperation. · F-LINK does not work properly if the authority in need is set to disallowed. If you · F-LINK has been the subject of optimization of the battery, it may not operate normally. [PC cooperation Settings (Android 5.0 ~ 6.0) of direct transmission [all data] and F-LINK settings - has been protected so that it does not transition to the upper layer of the folder even if you press the Back button in the Submit Folder Settings] . In direct transmission, by selecting the photos, movies and music, you can return the screen with the Back button. [Function change] Delete an item in the URL from the content selected in the (Android 2.1 ~ 6.0) · direct transmission

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