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Contains a variety of tattoo designs glow in the dark are very creative.

Tattoo glow in the dark is one of the new innovations in the world of tattoo art, where this new tattoo can be seen when you are in a dark room. There are 2 types of this model tattoo, the tattoo glow in the dark and tattoo back light aka UV tattoo. UV tattoos can be seen in a dimly lit room, such as at night clubs. While the tattoo glow in the dark can only be seen if the room is really dark.

Whether a UV tattoo or a tattoo glow in the dark, both are sometimes considered dangerous. This is due to the ink used for both these tattoos. Tattoo tattoos for ordinary tattoos are commonly made of plastic pigments, some metal inks, or pigments made from vegetables. After that, the pigment is mixed in a hypoallergenic fluid, so ordinary tattoo ink is generally safe to use for tattoo lovers.

However, in the ink used to make a tattoo glow in the dark, there are additional components that can be harmful to the wearer, the phosphorus. This phosphorus makes your tattoo light up in the dark. Phosphorus can cause your skin allergies, as the skin becomes itchy or hot. Phosphorus has also been shown to be a carcinogenic component (cancerous) and contains radioactive content. Besides not good for your skin, this tattoo may also be less friendly to the pockets because the price of this tattoo is more expensive than the usual tattoo.

Alternatively, sometimes people choose to wear UV tattoos. Although not known for certain side effects or whether more secure than the tattoo glow in the dark. However, according to some people who have been wearing this UV tattoo, there are still some side effects such as skin abrasions and itching.

Here are the reasons why you might agree with a tattoo that burns in the dark:

-This type of tattoo looks nice and cool when the lights are dim or die. Admit it, you would be amazed to see a tattoo that is glow in the dark, is not it?

-This tattoo is suitable for those who want to have a tattoo but are in a conservative environment, because with this ink, you can hide the tattoo you have. You can make a tattoo in your hand without anyone else knowing it, except when you're in the dark.

-If you want to make a tattoo with a rather provocative design, the kind of tattoo that lights up in the dark is the right kind of tattoo for you. The reason, as already mentioned, is that this tattoo is not visible in bright light.

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