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Last updated: February 2023

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AI Test Kitchen is an app where people can learn about, experience, and give feedback on emerging AI technology. Our goal is to learn, improve, and innovate responsibly on AI together. Similar to a real test kitchen, AI Test Kitchen will serve a rotating set of experimental demos. These aren’t finished products, but they’re designed to give you a taste of what’s becoming possible with AI in a responsible way.

Our first set of demos explores the capabilities of LaMDA 2, our latest version that has undergone key safety improvements. The first demo, “Imagine It”, lets you name a place and offers paths to explore your imagination. With the “List It” demo, you can share a goal or topic, and LaMDA will break it down into a list of helpful subtasks. And in the “Talk About It (Dogs Edition)” demo, you can have a fun, open-ended conversation about dogs and only dogs, which explores LaMDA’s ability to stay on topic even if you try to veer off-topic.
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