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Manual car device.
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The description of app by: Ангелина Коновалова

Device car for beginners We welcome you to our app! Together we will analyze your car “by screws”, tell you about the main components, even show them in pictures and videos, consider the principle of a car’s structure, its design features, find out how a car differs from a tractor and a bicycle and why gasoline is not poured into the washer tank, but in the fuel tank.

That is, we want to say that the site will be useful not only to the gurus of the automobile sector, but also to simple people, inexperienced in automatics, and simply to newly-made motorists.

After reviewing the site’s theme, the mechanic asked: “Did you knock on the wheels, what would a spark come up?”, Proudly answer, “Yes, you knocked (a), but the impact force is small, therefore, on the advice of friends who were being repaired, a) to you so that you knock and then look at the ignition system for me. ” Believe me, after this all hints of professional incompetence will end, regardless of gender and age!

The device of the car considered all the components and systems of the internal combustion engine. Gearbox we also did not leave aside. You will get acquainted with modern gearboxes of the car, some can be seen visually, see with your own eyes how the gears or the variator belt spin. In addition, you will learn what the injection system and exhaust system, and a lot of other useful information.
The engine, transmission, suspension, steering and electrical equipment of the car are all links in one chain. While all these parts are working properly and harmoniously, the car gives its owner only joy

- body (supporting structure)
- running gear
- transmission
- internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel)
- engine management system and electrical equipment
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