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시간의 노래:무한의 시 APK

  • by RastarGames
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Updated on: Jul 22, 2019
Lyrical strategy SLG between beginning and end.
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The description of app by: RastarGames

A Lyrical Strategy from the Beginning to the End SLG 'Song of Time: Poem of Eternity'
Welcome to the preliminary mentor.

■■■ Official Community Cafe ■■■
Naver Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/songoftime
Game TIP or various EVENT news! Join Naver Cafe now!

Long ago, the god of the beginning created the world.
The devastating star, "Sayyar", is attacked out of space and is confused.
The god of the beginning seals it deep in the stars and takes the face.
And when he awoke, there were already humans.
The history of the continent of Berg ... It starts right here.

[Game Features]
1. Choose your own country!
Agnesa, Hwang, Tapaz, Pesarez Four colors of four countries belong to the country and is destined to.
Let's demonstrate the true value in the various battlefields that are unfolding together with the National Yuan!

2. Foster and collect!
Beautiful illustrations, attractive and diverse heroes of the four countries, and support for the voice of domestic professional voice.
To defeat the Destroyer, collect the power of the Deep Space scattered around the world!

3. Participate in the war!
Opportunity to demonstrate your skills and strategies that have been polished through PVP, which is held during the season.
Let's experience the change of the battlefield becoming more exciting with the sword fight!

4. Experience hidden stories!
Check out the scenario dungeon where you can experience the background story of many heroes.
Let's get into the various stories that you can learn with various rewards!

5. From collecting to DIY!
You can create your own garden and fill up a variety of furniture to create a space where your fellow heroes can rest!
If the hero's favorability rises, you may discover a new aspect of hero ... ?!

 Official community Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/songoftime
 Game CS Center: Upper left character image Icon → Basic information menu My account management button → Customer center

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■ Guide to access ■
▶ When using the app, ask for the following access rights.
 Storage space: Used to read and save game data.

- How to withdraw the access right
- Operating system 6.0 or later: Settings> Application manager> Select application> Permission> Permission to revoke access right
- Operating system under 6.0: Removal of access can not be revoked.
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