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Idle Monster Defense -RPG Game APK

  • by WardHuang
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Aug 12, 2019
Idle strategy RPG game of clicker heroes, tap to defense monster attack.
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The description of app by: WardHuang

Simple click, easy upgrade, strategy VS stupid.
Gorgeous skills, master fingertips.
Idle Monster Defense is a relaxed and rhythmic strategy idle RPG game, easy to get started, tuns of fun.

◆◇ Only tap tap
Upgrade, shot, unlock, rune match, resource allocation, even strokes, all need only one finger

◆◇ Level craft
Gradually deepen the level, waiting for you to explore, free to shuttle in the level, both risky and easy

◆◇ Unique heroes
Mage, archer, musketeer, bomber, blaster, no grouping, natural battle

◆◇ Super skill
Simplify the hero's ability to the extreme, and bring the effect of the skill to the limit, without the need to hurt the brain, release the big move

◆◇ Magical equipment
Each hero can be equipped with equipment, not only can the equipment be upgraded, but also the hero can evolve and become a superhero.

◆◇ Mysterious runes
A variety of runes, tons of bonus effects, irritating, waiting for you to discover

◆◇ Nonstop
Quick upgrade, fast elimination, resisting incoming enemies, defending home defense lines, magical, heroic and invincible, enjoy your fingertips

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