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All the best Ceramic Floor Models in the world are loaded in this application

the application comes with a variety of images that there are features share to social media such as Fb, Twitter, Path, BBM, etc., And also equipped with a good graphic image. suitable for you all circles who are looking for materials to make suits suits

Ceramic Floor
Floor, which is the field where we do daily activities,
many have variations of finishing. Currently the most frequent
use is ceramic.
Ceramics for the floor (because there are also ceramics for the walls)
based on finishing finally, there are polished and unpolished.
Polished is a ceramic floor which is given a certain layer and made
become shiny. The effect obviously makes the floor look luxurious and
also easy to clean. This type of ceramic is commonly used in space
interior. Adverse effects due to this polished surface
become very slippery if exposed to fluid.
Unpolished, the type of ceramic that the coating is finally not made glossy.
If felt with the surface of the hand, feels rough. Its nature
in contrast to the polished type if exposed to water, make it suitable
used for outdoor room or room that many exposed to water.
However ... to clean it any extra effort required.
Then today is known homogenous ceramics. What distinguishes it with
ordinary ceramic? Ordinary ceramics have a tin (ceramic edge) reply
big. So that if installed, will produce a large enough broadcast
(more 5 mm). While homogenous ceramics, is a type of ceramic
which has a small hips, which if paired will produce
small broadcast. The advantages of this ceramic is, if the installation
right, it will produce a floor that looks luxurious, like
using granite or marble material. In addition, this type of ceramics
can have a large dimension, more than 60x60 cm is there, though
for standard size is also available.
From the type of surface, there are types of flat ceramics and ceramic bumpy.
Flat type tiles obviously have flat surfaces,
while the bumpy ceramic has a contoured surface. Intent of
This textured surface is to produce a natural impression
and prevent the surface from becoming slippery.
Well, find the desired results before deciding to buy
ceramics. Review its usefulness and functionality. After that, make your choice
the color and also the pattern you want to produce. Congrats choose.
thanks. Hopefully useful.

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