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All bonsai models are inside this app.

This app presents the best variety of bonsai. Bonsai is a plant or tree that is dwarfed in a shallow pans with the aim of making miniatures of the original form of a large old tree in the wild.

Bonsai has a different shape and appearance with other plants. In order to distinguish bonsai from other plants, we need to know the bonsai characteristics of bonsai size and style (bonsai). Not all plants or trees that are dwarfed in pots are called bonsai. Bonsai plants can be called if they meet the following three main requirements:

1. Very small:
A very small bonsai is called mame bonsai. Bonsai is very small ie 5-15 cm. Mini bonsai with very small pots are now gaining in popularity because they can be displayed on a coffee table.

2. Small:
Bonsai also called small bonsai 15-30 cm. This type of bonsai is much preferred by people in Indonesia. The height of the Bonsai group reaches three times the height of the pot.

3. Medium:
Bonsai medium size is also called chiu bonsai measuring 30-60 cm. This type of bonsai is easy to handle. Comparison with the height of potted plants is 3: 1. Usually bonsai placed in the corner of the room gets enough sunlight.

Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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