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All the various fried recipes are in this App

In Indonesia fried foods are popular snacks. Fry sellers can be found on the curb or go around with a pole or wagon. The ingredients are coated in flour and fried in between; fried bananas, tempeh, tahu, oncom, cassava, cassava, cireng (Bahasa Sunda: Aci digoreng), namely cassava flour fried, breadfruit and bakwan (in West Java called "bala-bala") that is flour mixed with cabbage and carrot. One of the popular fried varieties is Tahu Sumedang. Corn apples and potato slabs are also included in the fried category.

Gorengan is usually eaten with cayenne. In Malaysia and Brunei fried are also commonly found, among others, banana and fried tubers.
In Japanese cuisine, fried vegetables and seafood (especially prawns) is called tempura, eaten with dipped in salty and sweet soy sauce sweet and light. In India fried also popular

You can use this app to get inspiration in making fries. For those of you who want to make fries, you need to have this app to make it easier for you to make fries. Hopefully this application can help you.

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