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All the various rendang Recipes are in this App

Rendang or Randang is a spicy flavored meat dish that uses a mixture of various herbs and spices. This cuisine is produced from a heated cooking process repeatedly with coconut milk. The cooking process takes hours (usually about four hours) to dry and solid black. At room temperature, rendang can last for weeks. Rendang is cooked in a shorter time and the coconut milk has not dried up called kalio, a light brown golden color.

Rendang can be found in Padang Restaurant around the world. This dish is popular in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, and Thailand. In the area of ​​origin, Minangkabau, rendang is served at various traditional ceremonies and special occasions. Although rendang is a traditional Minangkabau cuisine, each region in Minangkabau has cooking techniques as well as the choice and use of different spices.

You can use this app to get inspiration in making rendang. For those of you who want to make rendang, you need to have this app to facilitate you in making rendang. Hope this application can help you.

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