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Package name: com.hannapp.woodrootsfurniture

The art of root crafts or art roots (the root of art crafts) is a craft work made from root material. The root used is robusta coffee tree species from the village of trans mangkurajo Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province. In this village, farmers change the function of coffee plantations into vegetable land, especially chili garden. So many unproductive coffee bars are thrown away. From here the idea to utilize this root coffee. The loose soil structure and clay make branches of the roots, making root characteristics such as miniature trees, flowers and some other like bonsai characters.
Not only that kerajianan from the roots, or called DIY brings many benefits. Usually made as a table, chairs, home decoration because of its roots can create a very unique look, this is because the root craft can fit the wall, wallpaper, various chairs, tables, and ornaments of his favorite,

Another material used is wood forest fern formed into pots. In order for more root characters to live like plants then added elements of leaves, flowers and fruits made of leather lantung, grains and artificial plastic. In addition to utilizing the roots of coffee in making works that also use the roots called by the locals is the roots of cherry wood resembles a shape like a coil of snakes. The idea of ​​tree stumps, tree stump ornaments, tree stumps, tree stumps, tree stumps, tree trunks, the idea of ​​decorating tree stumps, tree stumps, tree tree ornaments, carved stumps, tree stumps, tree stumps, tree ornaments, tree trunks, tree stumps , stump carvings, tree trunks, tree stumps, tree trunks, mashed decorations, tree branches, tree stump designs, tree trunk furnishings, tree stumps, tree roots, big tree trunks Sale, tree stump ideas, the idea of ​​tree stumps, about stumps, branch ornaments, carved tree stumps, tree trunks, art tree roots, ideas for decorating tree trunks, native trees Tunggul Sale, tree stump design, tree branches, tree trunks, Hunchy E, tree branches, tree stumps, tree trunks ideas, tree roots for sale, tree trunk decoration, ornaments at branches Nding, Places to get tree st umps, tree stumps, birch tree decorations, ideas for tree stumps On the lawn

The roots of wood or craft are now in demand by the world's population. One of wooden craft is wooden toy which is miniature of vehicle, be it wooden toy car, motorcycle, kapa, etc ..

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Date published: Jan 01, 2018

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 2.3 and up

Content rating: Everyone

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