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Step By Step Instructions Learn How To Beautiful Window Cornice

Let your daughter chose her favorite fabric for this quick custom window treatment. Don't forget - little boys love custom décor too!

Completion time – 4 hours

Sheet, one 36" x 12" x 1"

Other Materials
Fabric, to cover cornice frame (our fabric measure
Quilt batting, 36" x 6" (optional)
Grosgrain ribbon, 1" x 60" (optional)
Wood picks or toothpicks

Serrated knife
Candle stub
Sharp pencil
Yardstick or ruler
Straight pins
Thick, white craft glue
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks (optional)
Iron and ironing board (optional)
Angle brackets with screws, 5", two
Finished Size: 36 wide, 6 tall, 5 deep

(Note: The window shown is 34" across, and the cornice
measures 36" wide and 6" tall. If your window measurements
vary, adjust the sizes accordingly. For windows wider than
36", glue two sheets together along the 12" edges, joining
them with thick, white craft glue and wood picks or
toothpicks; u-pins inserted between the pieces will help
enhance the bond. Let glue dry completely before moving on to
the cornice construction.)

1. Using ruler and sharp pencil, draw a line down center of
foam sheet, creating two, 36" x 6" halves. Wax serrated knife
and using knife like a saw, cut along the scored line. Set
aside one 36" x 6" piece for cornice front. Mark and cut out
two, 4" x 6" pieces for cornice sides. Save remaining foam
pieces for future use.

2. Refer to Fig. 1 to join sides to front. Place glue on three
wood picks, and insert into 6" edge of side piece. Using
thick, white craft glue or low temperature glue gun, join side
to front. Repeat with second side. Let dry completely.

3. If using quilt batting, cut 36" x 6" piece of batting. Glue
to front of cornice.

4. Cut fabric strip measuring 54" x 18". Press fabric, if
needed. Center and pin fabric to cornice front; pins are
temporary and help hold fabric in place during assembly.
Carefully wrap fabric around cornice frame, neatly folding at
the corners and wrapping fabric onto the back. After cornice
is covered, glue fabric in place. If any of the cornice frame
is uncovered, cover with fabric scrap. If using pins to help
hold fabric in place on the reverse side, dip pins in glue
first, for better hold. Let glue dry.

5. If desired, cut ribbon in 15" lengths. Wrap and glue around
each end, and in front, 1-1/2" from each corner.

6. Attach angle brackets to wall; slide cornice over them and
pin in place.
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please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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