Hero Rescue 3-Pin Out Puzzle APK

Last updated: Monday, January 30, 2023

The pin rescue game.

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Hero Rescue 3-Pin Out Puzzle game

Play Hero Rescue 3 - the pin rescue game and you will have to solve brain-damage puzzles to pull the pin, help knights destroy monsters, pin rescue the princess and find treasure.

Help the hero find the treasure and save the princess now! You will be a hero with wisdom, courage and love. Let’s play now!

In this pin lock game, you need to go through tough challenges like: pull pin to save man, pull the pin to pick up treasure, pin rescue the princess. So you'll have to use IQ, all of your wits, to logically pull the pin.

🔮Pull pins to escape, very easy! Use your mindset to pull the pin to destroy the monster then come next to the princess and treasure.
🔮 When you pull the pin to save man, pick up the treasure you have to be careful and use your mindset to pull pins to escape the monsters, if you pull out the wrong order of the pins you may lose miserably, do not be subjective.
🔮 Hold the kingdom's treasure and become the richest and most generous knight.

When you pull the pin to save man in a pin lock game, pick up the treasure, there will be scary monsters lurking around, you have to be careful, calculate carefully before pulling the pin to avoid the ugly monsters.

If you are looking for an adventure role-playing game that blends many of today's hottest game genres such as dragging, solving games, digging, finding treasure, ... Hero Rescue 3 is perfect for you!

💡 Train your brain 🧠. Tough puzzles that challenge your brain. Try different ways to play as these are logic puzzles.
💡 Practice smart creativity, see and understand things better with our situational questions.
💡 Excellent music, sound, image and graphics funny help you relax and dispel fatigue.
💡 A lot of levels are waiting for you to challenge.
💡 Team up with friends and other players - an easy way to help the hero.
💡 Offline and play free pull pin rescue games. You can play at any time.
💡 Great puzzle game to pass time & it makes you think!

Sounds very interesting, right? Do you think you are smart enough to overcome all obstacles? Let’s get started!

What are you waiting for without downloading the our pin rescue game immediately. You will feel fun and happy when you pull the pin to help the hero pull the pin puzzle game! I'm sure!

I hope you have fun and overcome the brain-damaging puzzles in Hero Resuce 3.
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Hero Rescue 3-Pin Out Puzzle APK Update

- Reduced the size of the package.
- Bugs fix and stability improvement.

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Hero Rescue 3-Pin Out Puzzle
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