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  • by 368
  • Version: 1.24
  • Updated on: Mar 13, 2018
Smiling is an unofficial app of play-by-play.TV (to noisily commented everyone) to play-by-play for the contents of the program is the app for.
Last updated
1.6 and up+
Android version
7.32 Mb
App size
Rated for 3+
Content rating
■ View the main function
, a smile on the screen the comments of the play-by-play.
, A smile you can post a comment to the play-by-play.
, You can set the NG word · NGID · NG command of comment. (Smiling live not shared with.) If you set
, the player mode to the one-segment mode, while playing in the One-Seg application that is installed in the smartphone, you can view a comment on the screen.
, In the case where the video is delayed, you can display the specified number of seconds late comments.
, You can read aloud comment. (Http://s368.seesaa.net/article/435686388.html)
· past you can get the log. (Http://s368.seesaa.net/article/437337345.html)

■ Remarks
• informal application for, it may not work properly due to specification changes of smiling live side Please understand some things.
- If you do not appear when you post a comment, please be aware or not caught in the fraud, such as NG word or a continuous posting of the official side.
· NG setting (NGID / NG word / NG command) can be exported from other apps by those developers have developed import or to other apps,.
· TV does not have an app for viewing.
Announcements and update information for the app is available at the "http://s368.seesaa.net".


42+ total
5 29
4 6
3 2
2 1
1 4
What's New
· AA optimization function (http://s368.seesaa.net/article/433763740.html) renovation · UI bug that fell processed in the repair and part of the broadcasting stations a problem that does not work correctly with part of the terminal reading add comments to repair and past logging function defects (http://s368.seesaa.net/article/437337345.html) that rarely fell processing at the time of application continue to use corresponding comment server connection error occurs at the time of switching the mode function add (http://s368.seesaa.net/article/435686388.html) · AA optimization function (http://s368.seesaa.net/article/433763740.html) to add, screen direction setting (normal mode) function to add or comment speed adjustment function to add, screen brightness of (normal mode) add comment related processing improvement and lawn mowing function add-Seg application display position setting function setting function (http: // s368 .seesaa.net / article / 425113471.html) add

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