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My Daily Water - Water your body in time (Unreleased) APK

  • by Hobi Inba
  • Version: Latest version
  • Updated on: Aug 05, 2019
Remind to water your body in time.
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The description of app by: Hobi Inba

🥛🥛🥛 Water is essential to our health but most of us are always too busy to drink water or drink water only when we feel thirsty. That’s not good for your body. You must water your body usually. Mom always reminded us not to forget drinking water. But now, without our mommy, we have My Daily Water instead!

💧Why do you have to be tracked your daily water and reminded to drink water in time with My Daily Water?
✔ If you water your body by get full amount of water in a day, it will detoxify your body, give your skin full of moisture and look younger, you will be healthy and lively. So have a good schedule of water drinking and follow it is the easiest way to get a healthy body.
✔ My Daily Water is a powerful reminder and tracker app that make you easily set up your own daily water drinking goals, reminds you to drink water timely, track your daily water drinking and develops good habit of water drinking.

💧So how could My Daily Water help you?
✔ In My Daily Water app, you could set your amount of beverages goals for a day. Or give us your personal information, we will give you a caculation about amounts of daily water base on it.
✔ Set the time you have to drink, Drinking Reminder app will send you a notification with sound remind you to drink water or any beverages. Remember turning on your notifications to get the reminder.
✔ Choose a notification sound that you that you like and it will remind you to drink water.
✔ Every time you drink water or any beverages, you could customize amounts of beverages you just have drank then touch the button to fill your daily water goals until it’s full. Remember being honest to yourself!
✔ Track your daily water drinking and give you report for each day, week or month.

💧In VIP features:
✔ More kind of beverages for you to track your drinking daily like coffee, juice, milk or any drink else.
✔ No lock feature
✔ No more advertisement

‼️‼️ Now just set your goal and your own schedule in amount of daily water to water your body, My Water Daily Water app will remind you to drink

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