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Last updated: Monday, January 16, 2023

Wake up from nightmare in evil house to escape from siren head like F alphabet.

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Five Nights at Alphabet F Lore game

Discover the thrilling survival horror game adventure known as Five Nights at Alphabet Lore and emerge as the F alphabet on friday 13th. This scp head game is with the best sound effects and graphics. Once you begin playing this scp head game, you won't be able to stop. To live as long as feasible is the aim of light head survival game. without succumbing to one of the numerous threats that lie ahead in the evil house.

Luckily, it is packed with furniture, bookcases, and other items that can be used as hiding places so that you can get through the haunted house in five nights.
You'll eventually venture too far into the haunted house and draw deadly objects at the silent hill. The scary siren head like workers will begin pursuing you. Steal essentials, and blue monsters of F will eventually pursue you in the evil house survival game. needs to flee inside a haunted house and play hide & seek with the light head resemble character You will run into an Five Nights at Alphabet Lore pursuing you who is in debt. Find something that will open the door. Leave the evil house immediately!
Play this horror escape game where you must survive dangerous alphabet lord letter creatures with your friends, family, and loved ones. The nasty f alphabet house head like inhabit the dismal, dark terrains where survival is not guaranteed. With each new update, the environment changes and the difficulty of the stages rises.

Features in Five Nights at Alphabet F Lore
- Challenging Levels to complete
- Escape from the evil house.
- Scary Sound effects.
- Scary Head Like characters e.g light head, house head, siren head, pipe head.
- Survive and play hide & seek with F alphabet.
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Jan 12, 2023
Five Nights at Alphabet F Lore
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