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Fit As (donate) APK

  • by HypEarth
  • Version: 1.36.1
  • Updated on: Aug 11, 2019
Log a short walking activity to your fitness history with one button-press.
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The description of app by: HypEarth

This simple utility was developed to easily record short exercise breaks at work where personal electronic devices or fitness trackers are not permitted.

Regular breaks from desk-work are essential for maintaining peak work performance as well as helping maintain physical and mental well-being.

Set workout speed and duration then touch a button allows the user to record an exercise walk.

Works most reliably for slower speed (e.g. 6 km/h) and shorter duration (e.g. 5 minutes)

*** This is archived version 1.36 of the app "Fit As" released on 01-08--2019. It was the most popular version of the app since first released on 25-12-2018 and will NEVER be updated!!! It is here for any and all users unhappy about more recent changes to the app, who liked this version better than newer "broken" releases. ***
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Fixed some critical bugs

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