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Beauty Evening Lips Makeup Tutorial APK

  • by ILogic
  • Version: 6.1
  • Updated on: Oct 20, 2017
Best Application That Provide Evening Lips Makeup Tutorial With Detailed Images.
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If you've ever felt envious of Kylie Jenner's plump pout, there's no need to rush out for scary lip injections. By using the right makeup, you can easily make your lips appear fuller and more lush no matter how thin your natural lips are. So grab your favorite nude lipstick and liner, and get ready to make your lips look extra pouty.

Smoothing Your Lips
Exfoliate your lips. Dry lights reflect less light than smooth, hydrated lips, which can make them look smaller. Before putting on any lip products, exfoliate your lips to remove any dry, flaky skin. Use a scrub designed specifically for the lips or brush them lightly with a clean, sanitized toothbrush to remove dead skin.

Apply a moisturizing lip balm. When your lips are exfoliated, you want to hydrate them to lock in the moisture. That will leave them looking plump when you apply your lip color. Use a moisturizing lip balm or treatment, and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes so it sinks into your lips.

Adding Color to Your Lips

Start with a temporary lip plumper. Many cosmetic companies make temporary lip plumping products that use ingredients that temporarily swell the lips to make them look fuller. If you really want full lips, apply a clear lip plumper product to your lips before lining or applying lipstick.

Line just beyond your natural lip line. Your lip liner is a powerful tool in creating the illusion of fuller lips. Instead of lining right at the edge of your lips, use the liner to define just beyond your natural lip line for added fullness.
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