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Way cool Santa gets the blues with a blue paper hat and your choice of beard.

Completion time – 1-2 hours


2" ball

Other Materials

Note: Materials listed are for one Santa ornament.
Spackling compound
Acrylic craft paints: flesh, rose
Paintbrushes: liner; small round; medium flat; old
Wood pieces: 1/4" beads, two; 1/4" round head plug
Black ball head quilting pins, two
White doll hair, curly or straight, your choice
Blue solid or holiday patterned paper, 8-1/2" x 11
White felt, 7" x 1/2" strip
1/2" white pom pom
Gold wire, 4"
Satin ribbon: 1/8" white; 1" blue, 10" each

Fine-grit sandpaper
Disposable palette
Paper towels
1/4" double-sided tape
Craft knife
Straight pins
Wire cutters
Needlenose pliers
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks

1. Glue wood beads onto foam ball approximately 1" apart;press beads into foam, forming Santa's cheeks. Let dry.

2. Using scruffy brush, cover face area with spacklingcompound, including cheeks. Working quickly, press wood pluginto face, centered between cheeks, forming nose (see photo).Let dry; lightly sand until smooth.

3. Paint face and nose flesh. Let dry. Drybrush cheeks withrose paint to blush; let dry. Using a craft knife, score atiny mouth in spackle below nose.

4. Press two black ball head quilting pins into foam closetogether above nose for eyes.

5. Cut 2" lengths of doll hair. Glue hair to cover sides, backand bottom of ball. Cut a short length of doll hair and gluehorizontally above mouth for mustache. Allow glue to dry.

6. Use liner brush to paint mouth rose, being careful to avoidSanta's hair.

7. Using pattern, cut hat from blue paper. Overlap straightedges to form cone hat and secure with doubled-sided tape.Glue hat to Santa's head, using straight pins to securetemporarily until glue dries.

8. Glue white felt strip around base of hat for fur trim,overlapping ends at center back.

9. Carefully cut tip off hat. Fold white ribbon in half andglue ends inside hole to form loop hanger. Glue white pom pomto tip of hat between ribbon ends (see photo). Let dry.

10. Form Santa's spectacles by wrapping center portion of wirearound paintbrush handle to form two lenses, allowing a smallspace between loops for nose bridge (see photo). Check fit andmake any necessary adjustments. Bend ends to form earpieces.Squeeze a dot of glue on ends of earpieces and then placespectacles on face, inserting ends into foam.

11. Tie blue ribbon in a bow and pin to bottom of ball,peeking out from under beard.
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please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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