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Are you ready to see how to make one of those Monster Laundry Bags for yourself?

purple pillow case
white felt
purple felt
glittery silver foam sheet
purple yarn
silver fabric tape
iron-on hem tape
hot glue & glue gun

1. The first step is to close the opening of the pillow case using the iron-on hem tape. Simply lay a strip of the tape along the opening of the pillow case and then iron to seal.

2. Now, let’s cut a rectangle of about 8″x4″ for the monster’s mouth. Make sure you place it about 1/3 of the way down the pillow case and make sure you only cut through one sheet of the pillow case.

3. Let’s now cut out the various features of the monster’s face. Using a pencil, freehand draw some large eyes and teeth on the piece of white felt. Cut them out. Also, cut out some smaller circles from the purple felt and a tongue shape from the glittery silver foam sheet.

4. Now, let’s add those eyes to the monster. Using the hem tape and an iron, attach the white circles to the pillow case first and then top with the smaller purple circles.

5. No monster is complete without some teeth. Using the hem tape and an iron, attach the teeth to the inner top part of the mouth and attach the tongue to the lower part of the mouth.

6. Let’s finish off the mouth a bit and make it look a bit more professional. Simply use the silver fabric tape to line the raw edge perimeter of the mouth. This is really looking a lot better now.

7. The last thing our little monster needs is some purple hair! If you’ve never made a yarn pom-pom before, here’s a quick picture tutorial!

Now, make a large pom-pom from the purple yarn and use some hot glue to attach it to the top of the pillow case.
DIY No-Sew Monster Laundry Bag

Our No-Sew Monster Laundry Bag is complete! You can simply pop dirty clothes into the pocket formed by the hungry monster’s mouth! :)

To hang it up, I simply used a pants hanger to hold up the ends of the top of the pillowcase. I hung it on the doorknob and it’s a perfect solution for keeping my kids’ clothes in order. When it’s time for me to do the laundry, I love that I can grab the whole laundry bag and bring it down to the utility room.                           for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want.
please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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