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This application is for beginners, which includes Love Meditation Levels 2 and 3.
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The description of app by: 청학

Elka and Ricci, and the power of the power to overcome the triple Palan,

I put that power in conjunction. Increased purification power with 5000% utilization rate of mounted patterns

I made the application. Just love the app and you'll love your existing meditation level 3 app.

It contains 50 times the power to charge the ether.

* This app is for beginners. If you want to know more detailed methods of training, you can practice after training.

Ligth and Sabda
Best Meditation in the 21st Century Total Meditation - Love Meditation

I love meditation is the 'integrated meditation' which integrates the purification method using the spiritual spandas, the chakra meditation method, the aura meditation method, and the multidimensional approach of the theosophy. If you just sit back and listen to it, the cleansing function takes place automatically, and the energy and consciousness that advances automatically is a simple meditation method that you can practice and listen to your app for about 10 minutes a day. The benefits of money, peace of mind, and self-development become natural.

I love you meditation will make you program "love". Integrated programming brings out the power to accept and utilize our inner energy, subconscious, transcendental consciousness beyond our physical bodies. This power is the best manifestation of all human potential.

Everyone from the first person to the meditator to the person who meditates at a higher level will fall into that depth and darkness. A message of love will have a new dream of living the world, and a heightened intuition will give you the energy to attract all the things that make up the rich life and dream of the higher level.

What do you like when you love meditation?
1. Raise your potential.
2. Complete the basic diet program.
3. Serene mind instantly achieves.
4. Improvement of human relations and ability to control mind.
5. You can have a positive mind.
6. I myself become the master of my mind.
7. Program with new energy of love.
8. Get new self-awareness and freedom.
9. The surroundings are harmonious and become richer.

Sleep meditation cafe
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