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転職はインディード転職 正社員・派遣・契約・求人・仕事探し APK

  • by Indeed Jobs
  • Version: 1.6.4
  • Updated on: Jun 28, 2019
A job change app that allows you to search for all types of jobs for full-time, contract, and temporary employees comes up from “The job search is Indie ♪”!.
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The description of app by: Indeed Jobs

【With Indeed Career Change】
A job change application that allows you to search for jobs such as full-time employees, temporary workers, and contract employees provided by "Study is a job in India".
The number of job offers and the excellent matching technology that can be realized only with a job search engine. In addition, it realizes a condition search function specialized for job change.

[About Indeed]
It is the world's number one job search engine * and is used by more than 250 million job seekers each month. Currently, we have services in 28 languages ​​in more than 60 countries.

【Reasons for choosing a new job change】

1. A wealth of job information
・ If you change jobs, you can search for job information collected from various job sites with this app.
・ If you are in the Indeed career, you can check out the perfect job for you without having to look at various job sites!

2. Easily find the job you want with an easy-to-use interface.
-Easily search for job vacancies that suit you, based on your specific criteria such as "area," "station," "job type," "industry," "salary," "features," and "employment type."
・ You can enter rare keywords freely and find rare jobs.
・ Compact search results for necessary information speed up your job search further.

3. Detailed job details page
・ Post basic information by item. You can easily compare different publishers.
・ We check information to want to know including work contents, human resources to ask for, welfare benefits in a mass.

4. Realize a job search tailored to your pace
・ Keep the job information you are interested in and carefully consider when you have time. It is also useful to compare with other jobs that you care about.

[Indeed career change is recommended for such a person! ]
・ If you are looking for a full-time job
・ If you are looking for a temporary job
・ If you are looking for job opportunities for contract employees
・ If you are looking for sales jobs such as sales, call center, staffing etc.
・ If you are looking for clerical and administrative jobs such as general office, reception, finance, general affairs, public relations
・ If you are looking for a job in planning, management, managerial position such as product planning, marketing, managerial position
・ If you are looking for sales, service jobs such as cooking, store manager, beauty, travel, hotel etc.
・ If you are looking for creative jobs such as advertising, design, publication etc.
・ If you are looking for consultants, finance, real estate, legal, etc.
・ If you are looking for IT engineer related jobs such as system development and infrastructure operation
・ If you are looking for jobs for machines and control systems
・ If you are looking for research, technology development, cosmetics, medical work
· Those who are looking for work of architecture and civil engineering design, enforcement management, technology development
・ If you are looking for work such as light work, driver, cleaning, delivery, etc.
・ If you are looking for work such as a nurse, teacher or interpreter
・ Person who is looking for work of public service, public employee
・ Person who wants to raise salary, annual income, income

【Can search for jobs like this】
・ We narrow down to specific job type (office work, sales etc.), industry (manufacturer, finance etc.) and look for job openings
・ We narrow down to specific area (Tokyo, Yamanote Line etc.) and look for job offer
・ We look for job offer by annual income
・ No overtime work, weekends and holidays, flex time, night shift, etc.
・ We look for job offer of senior support
・ We look for job offer during middle activity
・ We look for job offer of housewife (main husband) welcome
・ We look for job offer of the second new graduate welcome
・ We look for unemployed welcome job
・ We look for job offer without academic background
・ We look for vacancies such as transportation expenses, no transfer, rent assistance, complete dormitory, retirement benefits, etc.
・ We look for job offer stuck to employment forms such as full-time employee, temporary employee, contract employee

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