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Last updated: Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Share photos and gather only with friends. Not the world. No more forced ads.

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Irrly app

The key to Irrly is IRL!

Get the best parts of various social media photo and gathering apps:

- See a picture stack for each of your friends.
- Create and check-into gatherings to hang with friends IRL.
- Take pictures while checked-in.
- At the end of the gathering duration, post to your picture stack.
- If you are feeling adventurous, browse public events in your area. (You can turn off this feature. Amazing right! )

Our app is inspired by research. (Spoiler: The research states the obvious.)

- Emotion is amplified when experienced around other people. ~ Yale Happiness Lab
- Average gen-z internet users spend 3 hours on social media. ~ Global Web Index
- Time online is inversely correlated with happiness. ~ Yale Happiness Lab
- Online comments from friends or strangers can make you feel sadder or lonelier in your offline life. ~ Facebook Research
- In-person interaction boosts positive feelings. ~ Yale Happiness Lab

Social media usage currently correlates with loneliness amongst other negative emotions, but with Irrly we seek to incrementally nudge social media users from online entertainment to in-person interaction.

Irrly is for those who want to feel more connected with the people and the images they share.

Our company strives to see people and businesses networked together to increase the likelihood of meaningful in-person interaction.
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Irrly APK 1.0.2 Update

New Feature! Add friends through links.

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